Media Musings

News on Media: Using Social Media References in Advertising

This article does not particularly talk about a specific piece of media; rather, it talks about a trend in advertisements in general to use elements of social media and the web. Perhaps the most surprising thing for me is the fact that advertisers use social media keywords even for ads to target an older audience. As the article says, this implies that social media is a relevant part of our entire culture. Though it might resonate more with the younger generation, it is prevalent enough for anyone else to understand.

The other interesting argument that the article presents is the opinion of advertisers regarding the role of their product in a social-media dominated society. Many of these advertisements imply that real human connection (and one that is enhanced by their product) is not the same as online connection through social media. Advertisers insist that they do not intend to disparage social media.

I agree with the advertiser’s sentiments. I think that advertisers are not making ads in the expense of social media; instead, advertisers are taking advantage of emotions, the same way that they do in any other ad. Just as more traditional advertisements take advantage of stories about families, success or disaster, these advertisements that reference social media are taking advantage of the prevalent idea in society about the detriments of social media. The idea that online social media connection is not the same as a face-to-face interaction was not created by the advertising industry; rather, it became prevalent with the rise of social media. Advertisers are simply using this, the way they use any other relevant idea in society.