Media Musings

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

Bubble Bees Game:

Whenever I want a low-key game, I go to This particular game that I chose, called Bubble Bees, asks the player to trap as many bumble bees as possible inside bubbles, which are created when the player presses the mouse. Ultimately, the key is to get the timing correctly so that the bee passes right before the bubble bursts.

I like this game (and the other Orisinal games in general) because they are engaging without being complicated. I think the Bubble Bees game works in particular because of the following:

-       The Bubble Bees instructions that play in the beginning is short and easy to understand. The animation makes it easy to see what needs to be done without requiring the player to read a lot of text

-       The playful but soothing music sets a tone of relaxation. It sets the mood of the game as one that is meant to be low key

-       There is only one task (to trap the bees in the bubbles), but there are a few

o   There are red bees that fly faster that are worth more points

o   There are clocks that fly occasionally that, when trapped in a bubble, give the player more time

-       The graphics are simple but colorful

The additional rules make the game adds excitement to the game but, since there are only two, the rules are easy to remember and does not over clutter the game space

Of course these games are not for any intense gamers who want a lot of action. This simple, 2D game would not draw the same audience as, say, Call of Duty would. But I think that’s what makes this game successful. The game is made for only a particular mood of playing and everything about it– the tune, graphics, and pared down game space – stays true to that.