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News on Media: Current State of TED talks

This article outlines the most recent critiques of TED Talks platform that has catapulted into popularity in the past few years. The article does a good job outlining the context of the article by starting from the perspective of a speaker as she receives an invitation to talk at a TED Conference. The rest of the article then goes into the history of TED, the current state of the organization and some of the critiques about the organization and the platform as a whole.

The title of the article implies some sort of focus on the criticism that TED has drawn throughout the years. While there are hints to what some of the critics have said about TED, the article mostly focuses on the history of the organization (how it turned from a niche conference of technologists, engineers and designers to an eclectic mix of speakers) and the opinions of the organizers. The article ends with an optimistic note from TED’s leader, Chris Anderson, on how Ted’s popularity shows thirst for learning.

From my perspective, I think the article was successful in shedding light on TED and how it came to be what it is now. It was, indeed, a news article that provided context and different sides of the story. For a TED Talks fan, I was curious to hear more about the specific critics or perhaps alternative suggestions that have been proposed. However, perhaps the article’s purpose was to simply provide a quick overview of TED and then spark interest in the curious to do more research and delve into more in-depth sources of information.